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All founders have the same goal: build a meaningful business that will set them for life. Founder Class is a community for those who build and win great things.

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Unique benefits


Join dozens of exclusive events in London, New-York, San Francisco and guest events in your city with complimentary drinks and the most powerful network.

Gathering... in Antarctic?

We're not doing it in a local restaurant. We need radically new places for radically new ideas. Least populated continent is one way to do that.

Self Promo Allowed

Instead of banning promotions, we encourage them! Sell, buy, refer stuff in the dedicated chat. Support ProductHunt launches the way you want to be supported.

Exit Dreams

Share your dream cars and best hotels you'll visit after exit. Dream big and be inspired by others.

Double Your Runway with exclusive deals

Free Year of Notion

Backbone of your business, if you do things right.

Request $1000

Free Year of Adobe

Creative suite for anyone who runs social media of any kind.

Request -50%

40K credits AWS

Back-end powered by the most stable servers existing.

Request Free Year

Extra Reasons to Join

It's not lonely on the top

Super talents are 0.01% and it's very hard to find them. Learn, chat and work with people who are on the similar talent level.

Billions in collective net worth

We believe that we win if everyone wins, that's why we estimate the collective net worth and work to increase it. We're not going to the market, we are the market.

Founder Class+

Elite layer to co-found and invest into new projects (with time or capital). A high bar to access investment dinners, new projects launches, and real equity in real business.

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